Long Night

Caveat: This is just a free expression of thoughts that demands to be penned down. Everything is raw.

It’s that time of the year,
When I felt solitary.
The heart was in perpetual pain,
I would never understand why.
A recurring phase,
With cadence that’s insane.
Tears in glittering cascade,
Emanating from the gloom of the moon.
Chest swelling bittersweet pain,
Longing, yearning – for what is unknown.
In the dark, eyes squinting and searching,
For a face I want to see.
Rummaging through my head,
Trying to make out an image.
Wondering how you look like,
However conjuring none.
This happens,
Shocks of pain pummel the chest.
Short of breath, heartbeat in a frenzy.
Looking back to yesterdays,
Recalling a zilch of memory with you.
But you constantly invade my present,
I ask: “Who are you?”
Batting my eyes against the dark,
Hands clawing for something,
But it only grasped the void.
Tired, it rested on my bosom.
Currents of pain suffused from the fingertips,
Through the veins, to the heart.
Recalling your name,
It was unknown.
You always came at night,
However atrocious sometimes it becomes,
They provide comfort.
Calling you,
Rocked quivers throughout my body.
I said: “It’s the night.”
I saw your eyes,
I saw their color,
I remember how they look into mine.
I trembled.
In the dark, I felt your touch.
Poignant. Too much.
Longing, yearning.
Seeing, feeling.
I would never understand why.
Been such a long time,
Your stares haunt me still,
Been such a long night.