Sunrise. Sunset.

The moon was up high, casting  a golden halo across the dark blanket of the sky. Diverting my eyes to the luminescent glow emitted by my phone. No notifications, no problem. But I stumbled upon your message which I haven’t accepted. Yet.

I hastened to review your profile. You made an impression. The content of your message made me strangely pleased. As goodwill, I returned your message kindly. The response was quick as a downpour. I was dumbfounded. But feeling pleased. This sparked a “Hi,” “Hello,” “How are you?” in the ensuing weeks. We talked about the most common things. Got to know a tad bit of each other, about the mundane surrounding us, like the weather and what we do. Still bewildered. But pleased. It made me feel confused.

I restrained. But the experience was new. The feeling was new. You are new. Small talks started to exist. And I started to care. But it all became a metaphor to convenience born out from a personal frustration. Night air came. Stardust lit the sky. Good small conversations. It brought apples to my cheeks. Early mornings welcomed me with a laconic greeting from you. Again I hesitated. I restrained. As I’m afraid that you might become real. The kind of real that will make me forget the present and reality. At the moment, it was you. The sunset. And the sunrise.

The simple “Hi,” ” Hello,” “How are you?” Went to my heart. But they suddenly melted away. My thoughts ran amok. But my mind put myself together. Conviction dictated that everything made special in recent events were to make someone frail as me to live inspired every day. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Placid days moseyed by in a blur. I walked with a choice to discover myself and alone with my thoughts. But it came to a point I expected. Disappointed. You eluded me. Though I still hang out in the place where we started to unravel one another, I see you but are far away. I started to turn my attention to other things. I wanted you to say though that I have more  to offer than you thought. I wanted you to stay. But you are never meant to be that way.

A realization in the end that you just swung by my door to rekindle the light in my eyes, to help return the color of my cheeks, and to ensure that smile will return to my lips. That I understood.

Sunrise came. Sunset bade goodbye. Uneventful evenings passed by. Something welled up in my chest. My cranium opened. And I realized, that I was grateful. So thank you for dropping by, ’til next time.


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