Goodbye For Now

It’s my last week at work. I’ve been holding this strong façade for weeks now that shows I am alright. But I am not. I am now feeling the searing pain cutting through me and being sentimental about the past year and a half spent in laughter and camaraderie with the company will be now put to a final closure. I’d have to say goodbye to the company who fostered me to become a better person – both professionally and socially. It’s all thanks to them that I am the mature person I am today.

The heartaches, learnings, disappointments, expectations and many others were my best mentors that shaped me to be more agile and resilient. I have learned more than enough to the point that it’s giving me the courage that I’d be able to handle myself well when faced with some similar, despotic scenarios I’ve lived through with the company. My will and conviction are now stronger.

I know that the people in the company won’t be able to accept my decision for leaving them right now. Bu however good or bad my decision may seem to them, I have to move on and I just pray that God will look after both ends.

However I am feeling today. I know that I will be alright. I know.


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