“Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration”

I feel very lucky that my resolutions and goals this year started to fall in place and run according to plan. Though I am a strong believer that the most adventurous part of life is un-planning the events between the present and the future, it cannot be helped that during this age and time, one must really plan before it is too late.

I have plenty of main unfulfilled wishes yet which started to crop up from last year’s struggles and disappointments at work. Come 2013, I told myself I needed to “level-up” by dedicating 2013 my year to be personally riveting and quite affirming to my goals and heart’s desires.

My colleagues at work noticed the changed in me when the New Year channelled in. I was entirely a different person and it seemed that I was carrying a yoke of good luck. It was all just in the mind and proper attitude. I invested in being more “positive” than ever before.

I focused my efforts in the first quarter of the year preparing the documents for my application to a Master’s degree program. I paired those efforts with appropriate level of love and dedication. This paid off when the results finally arrived that I was accepted to enroll in one of the country’s most reputable universities. I was extremely happy.

I was told by my mother that in everything I plan to do, I keep it to myself almost like a secret. There are those who tend to become jealous of your plans, they become intimidated, and copy you as well as a result from creating internalized conflicts within themselves about achieving “success” as others. My mother had given me a very sound advice since I graduated and I’ve never met this with resistance. All I knew that it was for my advantage. Nevertheless, I started the year with total commitment to the good and the bad that comes with my plans, the journey I look forward to having this year, and the people who may not like these terms I planned.

More importantly, right now, I got accepted to the program I badly wanted to enroll in this year. I started school a couple of days ago. The events that transpired always left me at the edge of my seat and with my heart beating to unusual rhythms. But I know that in the end, this will all be worth it.

I just need to take one step at a time leading to grasping each of my wishes. And, most of all, I know that all these plans I have to submit to the Omnipotent God for Him to guide and be the driver of my life this year. After all, success in 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.


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