The First Book

The day was mostly spent between reading and catching up on movies I missed watching the last year. I could tell that it was a productive day since I was able to meet the goals I’ve set for the Lent season – to finish reading some books, watch the-most-raved-about movies, and even juggle some time to play Minecraft. I was also able to get up from bed at a most convenient time I desired. No fuss, no hassle, all set to how I like and it should be. And I like it this way. More often, I hope that my life was designed in this manner of stress-and-care-free way of going through each day. That, undoubtedly, is no bore.

There was one significant thing that I accomplished today. I went to a thrift-store at Booksale to find great, cheap finds of REALLY good books. And, this was accomplished. The author wasn’t anyone that has a ring to it like Shakespeare and those infamous, modern literary artists. I actually never have come across the name of the author but the number and title indicated on the paperback cover compelled me to buy it. It was an award-winning; Pulitzer Prize novel by Shirley Ann Grau entitled “The Keepers of the House.” Familiar, eh? I think otherwise. However I bought it because it was only for Php10.00, or, less than  $0.50, mind you.

I was rapidly flipping through the yellowed pages and resigned to start reading the first couple of pages, assessed if it could be worth my time. The first few pages arrested me and so the author deserved to be commissioned. 😛 The first page was truly gripping it made me not want to let my hands get off it. 🙂

Not exaggerating here but I am sure, I’m definitely going to finish the book this week. It’s another bedside reading assignment that I must do. The author’s style of writing and the way she wove the words leading back and forth to reminiscences of the protagonist’s past and present is riveting.


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