Paradise on Earth, Anawangin That Is.

No amount of words can give justice to the beauty of Anawangin paradise where green energy and the breeze of nature are abound. The lush nature of Anawangin has been famed for its pristine beauty and secluded little spot in the Philippines. It also looks like a foreign place due to its winter scene effect in the tropics. It has fine sandy and wide beach conducive to tent-camping and the placid sea-waters making it highly ideal for swimming. So if you haven’t been to the paradise of your life, Anawangin might just be the one.

 A Paradise to Your Heart

 Anawangin is still a fairly new destination in the country. Its name was derived from “nuang” which is the Ilocano word for carabao that perfectly explains the abundant number of carabaos in Anawangin. It is the place that is said to be associated with being able to commune with nature because it gives you a refreshing respite from the “hustle and bustle of city life.” Sounds like cliché but Anawangin is just the atypical vacation place.


A Traveler’s Tale

They said that Anawangin is the geological baby of the Philippines that can be explained through its historical roots. It is said that Anawangin was the positive aftermath when Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991. It’s a place being blanketed with white, pristine sand that was formed from a lahar, thus, the “ethereal” impression it brings especially to a tropical country like the Philippines because it’s reminiscent of a snow-covered paradise somewhere farther in the North. Aside from that, the place is abundant with tropical pine trees that rarely grow especially in the Philippines.


Anything can be done under the sun when you’re in Anawangin. You can just sit back, relax and be under the spell of awe at the panorama surrounding you. There are also ways which you can do more at Anawangin. Camping on tents is most popular, making campfires, swimming, trekking, hiking and kayaking can be done until your energy’s been sucked out of your marrow.













536826_3085915266454_1923288385_nIf you want to completely fall heels over in love with nature, it is best quick escapade especially if you want to leave the concrete jungle. I am giving you the favor of introducing Anawangin that won’t bore you down to knees.

Photos are taken from the wire/Google.


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