Range of Choco Hills, Sweet Tour

 Sweet Hilly Tour

 Rumours about the beauty of Bohol transcend beyond geographical and racial boundaries. People from different time zones and across the global peninsula have heard about its mystique beauty incomparable to any other especially the popular Chocolate Hills, part of the main reason tourists endlessly visit.



The term “Chocolate Hills” ignite some spark of curiousity among us. Some may think this rare and mythical attraction was a man-made artifact of the sweet delight to all ages – the chocolates. However, this idea was quickly abandoned. The chocolate hills consist of more or less than 1,268 hills and are uniform in shape and measure from 30 to 50 meters high. They are covered with grass which becomes dry and turns brown on sunny season. From this color the hills derived their name. So, if you are planning on a sweet escapade up and down a hilly tour, it’s best to pick the star attraction of Bohol – Chocolate Hills!

Baby, You’re So Pretty

 Step on the scenic beauty of Bohol and allow it to take your breath away by its enigmatic charm even once in your life. Enjoy the tropical haven by watching its rare fauna – the Tarsier, which is the smallest primate in the world. This nocturnal primate measures from four to five inches with huge, brown and round eyes, and tail that’s longer than its body.


Another natural beauty will be Bohol’s Butterfly Sanctuary which is very rare to find nowadays, the coastline of the island which is skimmed by gentle coves and white sand beaches, the man-made forest and hanging bridge, and getting a fleeting glimpse of the largest python in captivity. Virtually, anywhere you pass by within Bohol is sure to be experience-rewarding. But a tourist should never fail experience a renowned cruise in Loboc River which is also one major attraction in Bohol.






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