To My Dearest Love

My Dearest Wine,

wineFour years seemed long but as I look back on all that has happened, I think it was the contrary.

I felt I was a drunken girl in the moment of growing up with you, changing you and changing me; at the times we dreamt together, tell each other stories, the long nights of debates about religion, when we laughed, became mad and even cried together. You have been my wine in all those years and I can’t seem to have enough of you ‘coz for all I know, four years was only a brief time to know you.

My Beautiful Memory,

Looking back on those times I realize how we have been lucky to have beautiful memories that we created! The entire time we were together, I was on fire and drunk that I can barely remember the details of what really happened in the past four years, the years when you remember what I was doing and saying and I don’t. I always wanted to record everything we talked about, our engagements because I’m starting to lose track of what’s really happened especially the kinds of movies we watched at this place, etc. etc. etc. I really want to remember what you do and what we did. Your excellent memory unnerves me sometimes because you were being detailed when I forgot something. And I felt I was being challenged because I wanted to prove you wrong, that I wanted to let you know despite my poor memory, my heart still remembers and I love you. 


My Future,

The past may be gone perhaps forever but the memories we shared are what remained and which I will hold dearly for our future – a future where there’s still you and me. The past four years made memories of our “today and tomorrow.” Therefore, it is with all my heart and soul that I am giving you my only love, my dearest love. Hoping that this will bring smile on your lips, sparks in your eyes, and apples on your cheeks.

Our country still remained as the archipelago it has always been. But we haven’t for our love is growing and changing day by day. It is the only place of comfort between us, a stunning and most sacred home we only have and shared for the years we have been together.

My Only You,

I have no one other than you. And it is my most fervent, selfish wish to want you, if God permits, until death do us part. 😛

But that wish is such a morbid thing so I just ardently hope that God will continue to bless us as He had all these years. You’ve been my sole inspiration to work smarter and harder! 😛 You changed me in many ways you cannot see (well, as far as I am concerned). I love your being very gentle to me as if I was the most delicate thing you’ve had in your arms. I love how you look at me, sometimes, in a way that makes me blush. I love how your eyes see beyond the full facade of my being. I love how they seem to pierce carrying a message that I become timid and draw my gaze back immediately.

But, what made me really love you is about your cheerful personality, conviction that resonates from your beliefs and your established principles about your way of life that, often, amazes me. Not only are you sexy for being brilliant and a geek for your insatiable love for learning beyond the cornerstones of Physics. It is about you being a true gentleman that I love even sans all those qualities I mentioned. 😉

My Gratitude,

Thank you dear for reciprocating all my squirming and embarrassing feelings all these years. Thank you for loving me, for who I am not as the one woman you once, dreamt of. Thank you for accepting me and bearing with all my temper-tantrums especially prior to my period. LOL. Seriously, THANK YOU.




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