How would you like to grow today?

How would you like to grow today?

A simple question that’s quite boggling the mind. Where do I start?

I am a newbie in the corporate world. My goal on how I’d like to grow each day would come from the workplace. So here goes my list on how I’d like it to be.

1)      Learn THE goal:

  • This is not something that is coming out of a fog. An illusion or delusion, maybe. Whatever you call it. It is something innate that you look forward to at the end. The focal point and the last straw or chance you have, for each day, week, month or year. It is the highlight on each streak of effort you flex. And this is close to specific. Your goal is only the shaft of light you see in the dark that would not drive you to unknown roads and find yourself in the most unimpressive situation. This is like drug that would run hot in your body, mind and soul. Call it passion as it is also close to that. It is a trap, the best that is, that you have to fall for it no matter what.

2)      Invest on your personnel:

  • I’d like to invest on the personnel or people I am working with by establishing enduring friendships and camaraderie not only at the workplace but across all aspects of life. I am an employee and not an employer. Each has different strategies on how to evolve the relationship that envelops at the workplace, something that is hard to ignore because you encounter this almost at your everyday life. I don’t like to make a culprit out of anyone with ‘impatience’ being on the loose. So, I’d like to start with an investment that will capitalize on the initiative of each personnel to work with the help and guide of the superiors. I want this investment to bridge some whiff of competence and hardcore patience to finish every piece of work brought on the table.

3)      Be happy, don’t unlearn it:

  • Being the working adult I am always tests my patience on plenty of things I haven’t crossed paths with before. And it is hard when it’s there and I just suddenly succumb to the tremor I call stress. Believe me, being a young adult is really, really, really hard that it makes me feel nostalgic and warp my mentality back to being young again. And I cannot. Despite the unnerving scenarios that happen at work, happiness that I have known, experienced and becoming a part of me should remain for the remainder of my days. Happiness is a priceless gift that will back me up especially at my toughest and most downgrading moments.

4)      Knowledge is power:

  • Oftentimes I always feel that at I am at a point where the fog, dumbness, and numbness are all misleading. And they mostly are happening and clashing in my brain to the point that I have to delve deeper on what’s happening on me. But, this – knowledge. Such a precious gift only a privilege few can have either by birth or hardwork. Some capitalize on it and I don’t. Because I cannot, sadly. Knowledge is something that you learn from anything you are focused about. Not anything random because it is a seed that you have to nurture and nourish so it will flourish to life. When you have knowledge, you are far from slowing down yourself and changing plans just to get through your goal in one piece. We aren’t living in a perfect world. We aren’t rocked by illusion. It is by attaining knowledge that we are informed of where we are going. And that is to our goal.

So that is how I answer that question which just actually popped out of somewhere. I took the time to answering it because I have nothing important to do and I want to occupy my time. I am young but troubled. And, thanks to this question it gave me direction today.


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