Goals and Resolutions for 2013


It’s a New Year’s day and I am more than grateful to my Omnipotent God for I am blessed to live another year full of possibilities and chances for me to explore and achieve my goals and resolutions for this year.

The past couple of years served as the catalyst for me to know what I want to do with my life. The regrettable part, though, is that it took me long to realize what I desire for my future. But, God has given me the chance to live my dream; so I am taking this year, 2013, more seriously.

Here are my goals and resolutions:

1)      Enroll into a Masters program in Marketing Communications and cross-enroll into a 3-unit International Politics course – Currently, I am torn between taking up MarComm and IP. I love IP more than MarComm but I am unsure whether I will be having a future with the latter.

2)      Enroll into an IELTS program

3)      Pay my sister’s tuition in full until she graduates in October 2013 – I took the responsibility of covering my sister’s tuition and other school expenses from my mom because I felt the need that I have to.

4)      Send monetary help and others to my brothers in the Society of the Angel of Peace (SAP), situated in Cebu City. They need our help more than anyone else. I’m a Christian and I want to support my church.

5)      Apply for a scholarship 

  1. Get recommendation letters
  2. Apply for admission
  3. Send application via snail mail

6)      Meet my quota at work.

7)      Read the Bible more often. Attend mass on Sundays more often.

8)      Read politics and marketing from a massive pool of resources at the same time.

Good luck to me!


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