What I Think About RH Bill

The passing of the responsible parenthood bill, a law that aims to mitigate explosion of Philippine population by providing its governed constituents access especially the poor through viable information, education and provision of free contraceptives, has long been in discussion on the round-table.


I have been divided on this divisive issue at length the first time I learned about this, without, actually extracting deeper into the details of the law. 😛 It is just recently, however, that our legislators have finally pulled up the reins of voting the bill to a close, that my decision was influenced by. LOL. In this entry, I’ll share my insights and a couple of concerns that made me feel at odds about the passing of the bill into law.

Little Concern, Don’t Push It

My countrymen are all shaken by this divisive issue – passing of RH Bill into law – when it was introduced by the government and further in abuzz by the media in terms of pushing or calling it off from the house of our legislators. I’m one of those who don’t vote for when I first heard of it. I thought it was unnecessary. But.

It appalled me thinking that the bill will reinforce or pave way for the young to explore, get them interested and engage in pre-marital sex. Statistics conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) strewn the numbers across the media that people, as young as 13-years-old and above, are aware of their growing physiological needs and therefore, tend to become wild and explore what is yet prohibited for their age. Even below that age bracket are purportedly into this activity; thus, the many young women gave untimely birth, barely knowing the sober future which is caused by this plight. It’s shallow right? I know this can be addressed however we cannot tell what works between the ears of the younger people nowadays. Even if they receive good education, there are still a good number who submits to giving themselves away into pre-marital sex especially when contraceptives will be allocated for free.

Push It

The government officials, the politicians in general, have been ostensibly complacent about stalling the vote of the bill to law which has been intermittently discussed among legislators for almost four years already. This has something to do with consistency in the decisions of these officials whose motivations are influenced by on the incentive of staying on to power especially elections are coming.

They don’t appeal to better our selves, the life of our countrymen, more particularly those in the grassroots level and only think about their vested interests. The government officials should work as a collective with one defining goal that they must decide based on moral grounds, despite the criticisms of the people, on what they believe is beneficial to the greater people. Philippines cannot be compared with other neighboring countries like Singapore and HongKong.

Here in my country, Philippines, we are a middle income country with an ideal and youthful population experiencing the enviable economic growth currently at 7.1% rise in GDP. However, this does not prove anything which improves the lives of people. Every year gets tough and competition tightens more than ever. People are subconsciously aware of this and are in struggle against survival and of being able to jive well together with the current trends.

Now that our new generation are those that will be born today, the passing of the bill will definitely control the burden of our country’s exploding human population. Millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are working outside and if all of them come back and converge together in the country (which is unlikely but the thought that is) it’ll be great horror especially to the people from high political pedestal.

The RH Bill will pave opportunities for the people, especially the women, through proper education and access to basic health services and information on reproductive health bill. After all, it’s a “crime” for being not an informed individual especially that we are in an advanced, Information Age. A lot of people are expecting us to be part of a concerted effort for a cause by becoming an informed and concerned citizen of the nation. We are edging our way towards the futuristic centuries ahead of us and it is formidable that we are unconscious of what lies ahead. Predicting that it’ll be ten times more than what we see today based on technological developments is not conclusive.

Pushing the bill otherwise has brought me little concern only. But, the idea that even in the minutest detail can have an ever huge impact when not considered seriously is what I am afraid of. But, the RH Bill that’s been read and underwent plenty of amendments looks promising already. This is a start for our country to take that huge leap forward with having concerned and informed citizens who are ready to brace the next outcome when the bill will be fully enacted into law.

So I guess that putting my vote for it is a good decision with all these deliberations I’ve been learning.


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