Have A Good Read

The day’s mostly spent more on reading and less on working. Nothing much was done at work as there were lesser tasks cascaded by my superiors. So I spent most of my time today reading different random articles both from www.thoughtcatalog.com and www.psychologytoday.com.

I’ve found a slew of interesting good reads which I will be pondering deeply later on. Most of the articles hit home and pierced well enough my core provided that the things ruminating over and over inside my head were succinctly described in those articles.

And I was inspired. Most topics encompassed slices of life both in and out from work which I can tell will touch the love, family and friendship departments. Actually, the articles spanned all mundane things in life, which, in summary can be a universal human experience and even emotion included.

Thought Catalog and Psychology Today are some networks that I go to when I have the time and seek solace; where I need a vent and a hole to sink myself in when I feel I am troubled. Both sites greatly helped me recuperate from my emotional and mental distress. So, I am sharing these links for you to visit and check some random topics and things which you can relate and provide impact in your day, life and even change your perspective of living.

Have a good read!


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