I Can See You, 2013.

I can barely contain my excitement on the prospect of making my next year more productive, profitable and enjoyable. There are mainly three things I want to do next year and this is the first time I ever felt certain and excited doing something very serious since I will put my life on this.

Right now, I can really feel that the future is in front of me and I’m ready to take the path and tread it head on. The plans and thoughts I have been saying to myself over and over again overwhelmed me by the magnitude of the choices, options, possible outcomes and decisions that lay ahead of me. But that doesn’t seep intimidation over some aspects of my life. Rather, it excites me to the point that I can no longer wait.

To prepare myself for 2013, I tried to make good decisions from day to day by building good habits to improve some aspects of myself. I haven’t gone further than I have to go so next year, 2013, will be my chance. This isn’t my scary way of saying that I suck this year or that my chances are slim and far-away. A piece of reality I experienced this year is enough to make me anxiety-driven dreamer so I can hold a future filled a basket-full of possibilities and realities, from something wonderful to renewing experiences. The amount of pressure I will be focusing on myself this 2013 is something I am able to control especially about my family, my career, my faith, and my friends.

Time is rare and so precious. Focusing myself on other things besides will only lead me to nowhere. The mile I expect to reach will remain as is, not a mile that becomes two or two that becomes three. I don’t intend to let my mind wander on what’s coming at the next bend and at the crossroads, or at the end of the road. Life and time is something you shouldn’t take for granted because they can only happen once. You cannot retrieve back or undo the things you did yesterday. Even if they say that life is way much better if you un-plan it, I don’t think that you will be led to somewhere. At least, there must be some blueprint you thought of what to do with yourself, your life so by the time you come of age, there’s nothing to regret.

Next year, in God’s will, I hope the desires I have in my heart will be materialized. And about those desires, I am still not ready to share or disclose it with you. Let 2013 come swiftly and you’ll know what I will be up to.


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