Christmas Is Here. Can You Feel It?

Christmas is here. Can you feel it? The streaks of daylight are becoming shorter, a chill lingers even during mid-day and until late in the evening.

The trees are beginning to do the Macarena and turning those leaves to deep green, a refreshing sight to behold. The sky always looks downcast and grey making me feel both lethargic and nostalgic. And, I find myself desiring for Christmas to come the next day and indulge myself in hearty and comfort food Christmastime can only bring, things that feel different to me, to anyone else – a feeling that almost seems one and the same and universal.

The ebb and flow of Christmas season brings with it new joy, a familiar feeling similar to relishing a pleasant pulp of nostalgia, new goals and aspirations, new epiphany and glorify the feeling of being able to celebrate again the Christmas season of the year. 

I can no longer wait to start wrapping up Christmas gifts for people who mean the world to me!

And, to have my picture taken again under the Christmas tree and beside the mascot – Santa Claus. Christmas, in a sense, marks the beginning of a new life, a new remarkable you for the New Year.


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