Live Strong

A light rain began as the train neared the Station,

Then, through the dusty, cobbled streets she walked towards the Condominium

 to don another round of hits and face the rest of the numbers

 which need to be met and delivered.

This brings a fighting spirit; a potent, willful one.

She sends forth her prayers and hopes to those beyond the clouds or the earth

who promised a magnificent outcome for those who are religious,

determined, and fervent in materializing their dreams.

A valour for excellence.

She was specific in her dream

she may get some aid.

The aftermath of one’s graduation,

one must extend further and reach greater heights

to enrich one’s self, amass a gold of inspiration

 from fruitful labor.

It will be the most appealing.

This is where she draws convenience

 to the way of life, of force, of deliberate hardship, of double dealing.

This is the way to the climax, future –

 not an abject one.

 She doesn’t dream where there’s contempt,

regret for not giving too much.

No pretensions. No hesitations.

The whole of self-sympathy lies

 in the life blood of combat in the workforce;

“nothing remained now but to get on with the job.”





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