Why I Want To Live In A Houseboat

There are hundreds of unique designs about boats all over the world. One of the rarest and most stylistic boat that’s become trendy nowadays are houseboats. Houseboats are literally house-like vacation water units that can be moored from place to place, and essentially in calm waters. They are the same as the boats cruised in the open seas with engines that are made for traveling. They can be called real boats since they are made of the same boat materials for weather-proofing and buoyancy.



Houseboats are basically designed for luxury and entertainment among vacationers. This is one of the most lucrative form of business in the tourism since renting a houseboat can be very costly. This is usually seen floating in lakes and rarely in seas. These are also commonly rented by rich people for vacations, parties, or sports. It is not something used as a principal chateau for people where they live for longer periods of time and letting it float on sheltered bays or ocean coves. Since it is built with bigger space for people to move around or fill in objects, many think that it may be an ideal place to live or stay. But for  vacationers who want to use it for pure entertainment, they can do many things with the houseboat by placing waterslides, hot tubs, beds, and others as inside amenities.




However, there are still other people use it as their permanent dwelling. There are some countries where houseboats become the real dwelling place of the people. Though broadcasts about using houseboats for longterm living is not advisable. They are usually so large and house-like that they are not seaworthy or worth for long-term traveling in the sea. Just like houses, they are made with wood with shingle roofs and have large platforms. They can only be moored in one place, away from rough water and other hard elements.

Using houseboats for different purposes doesn’t change the fact that it has its beauty which is realized especially by those who experiences life in a houseboat whether it be stationary or traveling, brief or long. There is something beautiful about houseboats that make people curious and crave an experience which can’t be found anywhere especially if it is a life living in the water.


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