The Oceansphere In The North Called “Blue Planet Aquarium”

Sharks are famed for its being a dangerous marine carnivore. It can gobble up any meat at just one lunge and digest small or big prey in its big stomach without feeling any pain. They look less loveable and a less pleasing sea creature in the marine world. If you think about having sharks congregating near you, you wouldn’t deem them as harmless. But if you are the adventurous type and have the gut to explore the marine world with the shark and other sea creatures swimming close to you, it is best you jot down Blue Planet Aquarium on top of your list of marine expeditions.

Blue Planet Aquarium is England’s best and largest aquarium wherein one gets away feeling both overwhelmed and fascinated. Blue Planet Aquarium is the marine host to Britain’s largest collection of sharks through its 71-metre underwater tunnel made of acrylic glasses. It houses no fewer than 30 different types of sharks from native bull, sand-tiger and dogfish to exotic guitar sharks, and rays. Anyone can explore Blue Planet Aquarium through their moving walkway and everywhere you look a shark looms overhead. They also have over 100 exhibits and 1000 animals collected from around the world.


The Blue Planet Aquarium is especially laid out for families and some groups of friends to have a precious time banking some knowledge and enriching one’s experience with the marine world. Anyone can have the license to get some serious down time at Blue Planet Aquarium and set aside the dizzying call of work. Go in groups and see the wonderful marine exhibits of Blue Planet Aquarium as it takes you to a pathway which has many sections.

One stop of Blue Planet’s section of attraction is the ‘Reef Magic Exhibition’ where one can observe and learn about many species that thrive on a coral reef. There’s also the ‘Freshwater Rivers and Streams’ section wherein the Pike, the only freshwater fish that measures 1.8 meters long and survived in the freshwater environment of Britain, is kept and nurtured. Other bodies of water like ‘Amazon,’ ‘Lake Milawi,’ and the ‘Mangrove Swamps’ are also exhibited at the aquarium.

There’s also the ‘Aquatheatre’ and ‘The Rocky Shore’ of Blue Planet Aquarium where you can have all the interactive time with the animals.

Allow yourself to be lured into the mysterious yet enigmatic wonders of the sea world and banish that quarter one stress to a marine trip. Create precious times with your friends or family with some perks the marine world offers. Experience it only through the hottest marine attraction in town which is Blue Planet Aquarium!







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