I Wanna Live My Dream

Image Even when we were still young, we all had dreams we want to become reality. Some of us want to become great professionals like a doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher, business executives and others. Some of us have only yet simple dreams about living a stress-free, happy and healthy life. It is something we always look forward to where we think about having ourselves ending into something big and positive. So, we carry out a blueprint or a plan as our guide towards meeting our goals in a step by step process.

Though in the process some goals are not met and the events don’t go perfectly as planned. There are setbacks we encounter that lead to discouragement and sometimes discontinuation about pursuing our dreams. However, these are only variables to determine how strong and faithful we can hold onto our dreams. If things go contrary to what was planned, the key elements to surpass the rigors of reaching our dreams is to keep on dreaming and thinking positively that this will eventually be materialized an happen.

After all, our dreams spice up our lives. It is the powerful key motivator to make changes in our lives. If we want to become somebody, we have to do the things that successful people did. One should never let her/himself be wallowed in the quagmires of apathy and let our efforts be tossed into the abyss.

Below are some dibs that will help you make your dreams a reality. So, here goes the list:

1)      Be humble. This is a very crucial attitude. You always have to keep that down-to-earth and remain the carefree person you are despite occasions of negative elements swarming near you. If you feel that you stand at the bottom part of your career, be humble and think of another way to go up. Always think about there is always a treasure in the end despite the setbacks.

2)      Be specific. There are just people who have no direction in life because they dream of many things they all want to attain at the same time. Your dream is your specific goal. It is the endpoint of the line you make in your life. If you want to live your dreams, don’t cease to specify the kind of things you will learn and might help you open the door to your dreams. You have to be specific what you want to do with your life otherwise you won’t get to the finish line of the race towards attaining your dream.

3)      Be open. Don’t shut yourself out to the world. Successful people learn from the successes of others. Let your mind be open to possibilities and opportunities. Accept criticism as something constructive. Don’t let your irrational and gut instinct override your rational thinking about making decisions.

4)      Be firm. Take one step at a time. Dreams are not attained in a snap or just overnight. It is a long process that we must painstakingly endure and brave for.

5)      Be passionate and committed. If your heart and mind aren’t into what you are doing, you will never achieve your dream. Passionate people are successful people who are deeply committed to reach their dreams.

6)      Be submissive, pray and have faith. Our life must have the guide of the Omnipotent. Life is nothing without Him. There would be no direction if you shut yourself out to Him. When problems arise, we need doses of faith and pray to Him for enlightenment and way to achieve our dream.


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