My Wedding Dream Out In A Rustic Barn Theme

Applying more than just a tinge of creativity during the most important day of our lives (besides the day we were born) won’t do any harm especially if we want it to be more than just memorable. If you want to be different, put the traditional idea aside about weddings in churches, hotels, homes, or gardens. Instead plan your wedding out in a rustic barn theme, an idea that is not usually inspired from a particular era or movement. It is a trend that’s viral among wedding planners nowadays.

Though we see a majority of couples betrothed in churches, sometimes we honestly think that this trend has already lost its lustre of romance and beauty. Some people don’t tastefully decorate their church weddings and we practically don’t see it romantic. If you want to have an exceptional and signature event of your life, why not vote for having a barn wedding?

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You don’t have to fly across to the southern border of the world just so you can have the perfect barn wedding. Any edifice with good foundation and facilities can do to start dressing up your rustic, non-traditional wedding theme. So, if your long-term relationship with significant buddy will finally end into a sweet bondage, below are some key ideas why you should have one!

Cheap Is Luxe. You may have the good fortune to spend on all services required for your wedding day, you can cut half of it while making the most of what you get. You can dress up a barn-like room for your perfect day with hays to sit and tables laid with gingham cloths and wildflowers. Glass tealight holders, garden beams, and some sparkling lights or lanterns will do to add some color to the theme. You don’t need to buy all these. You may recycle what you have in the backyard and revamp their rustic looks to romantically gorgeous decorations. Now, keep that half of your savings to your future home.

Unique Is Attractive. Having a silo, shed, corral, and other farm details are not the ones we commonly see in a much urbanized area. We can create make-shift designs as them to any facilities we have at our disposal. So we need careful planning and coordination if we want to decorate a reception hall or garden to something that looks like a real barn.


A Fall Harvest Theme. It’s become a habit that after the church has finally bestowed its blessing to a newly wed couple, some rice are thrown out to the couple as a belief of good luck. This habit is very complemental to a basic country ambience and barn wedding wherein no one is restricted to throw good luck to the newly weds. A barn wedding is perfect and won’t impose restrictions and contrast to your barn theme decorations.

Ditch the idea of having traditional weddings. Although there are no hard and fast rules as to this kind of wedding trend, you should try the creative and affordable one that won’t even compromise quality during your most important day.


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  1. The fall harvest theme is very creative and unique. Great usage of the rustic barn. I’m sure the bride and groom were very happy. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

    1. mycatalogue22 says:

      Thanks Leroy. πŸ™‚

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