It’s Cyclelicious!

Some of us may have a plethora of options to enjoy a sunny day either indoor or outdoor but spending it on some sedentary and simple activities is totally a turn off. Put your day on in a mood that will surprise you at how exhilirating life can be when we continuously go along its speed and enjoy a wholesome ride. Passing a sunny day without giving it a one shot deal of total adventure is plain boring.

Speaking of adventures, it is best to do it outside. You don’t need to make it hard by going out on a budget or simply roughing out your resources completely. Rocking yourself on to an adventure doesn’t mean that it has to be big. It can be anything small but can hit a great impact to your lifestyle. If you have the wheel to drive, you can already kick and gain speed of life.

A bicycle may look small and make a person think that it has little use to the increasing cosmopolitan lifestyle of the people especially those who live in the growing consumerism of a city. Little did you know that a bicycle has unseen uses.


Bicyles are generally used as implements of physical fitness where most people use it to shed that bulk of fats in the body and improve their level of cardiovascular workout. Many use it for groups of physical training as for a physical event wherein clusters of athletes and non-athletes congregate and zoom around the park’s curved roadways, an uphill biking tour to a remote mountain, and/or just around the cornerstreets of the city.



There are different types of bicycles available in the market but there are two which are highly purchased today: the upright stationary bike and the recumbent bike. For a simple yet engaging outdoor pleasure, one should use the latter.

Start slow and be easy with your wheels in an outdoor ride. You can first pedal it on a low resistance setting and then gradually increase the resistance as you progress. This gives you an ideal time with your bike and the chance to slowly take in the color and motions going on around you from the plants and flowers to the skycrapers that nearly poke the sky.


In this manner, you enjoy better your roadbike rather than speeding it fast and inviting adrenaline to rush up on you, getting it over and done. Bicycling is a very relaxing activity that removes not just the toxins from your body but also the mental stress. It doesn’t only limit its uses to providing people great workout. It is one way of communication between yourself and those around you.

If the sun is brighter than any other day and if you got the wheels to boot outside, wheel it around the city or the park and bank some energy to kickstart a breezy and relaxing adventure via roadbiking!


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