Bikram Yoga: An Intellectual Form of Exercise

Being fit isn’t about having the biceps to boot but an inherent beauty that’s coming from within. It isn’t entirely about having the right kind of weight and built for your body type but a discipline to motivate and create a willing spirit. If you feel the burdens of stress weighing on you, you don’t need a full blast physical workout because the perfect fitness activity for you is Bikram Yoga.

Bikram yoga is a different fitness trend that doesn’t require any exercising tools to control your body like weigh bells or running machine. It’s a mix of meditation, breathing exercises and physical flexes that have been practiced for nearly five millennia and won’t cost you much.

It is one the six classic systems of Hindu Philosophy as it marvels one person to gain bodily control and magical powers ascribed to it. One becomes liberated from the limitations and oppresses of the flesh, the delusions of sense, and the pitfalls of thought. In other words, it is also a form of intellectual workout.

It is extremely an effective workout because it highlights the importance of using physical and mental training as means to spiritual ends. Most of the time we feel the yoke of stress in our head, shoulders or legs and this causes us to become limped or drained and feel like weak and sick.

Bikram yoga increases lubrication on our joints, tendons, and ligaments of the body that are not usually touched during an exercise. This is because simple yoga positions (e.g. sitting exercise) work mysteriously on the body, help release the stress and attain flexibility. It massages our internal organs, gets rid of flabs, strengthens and tones muscles that have become either soft or slothy.

Bikram yoga doesn’t sip in all your physical and mental energy which after exercise chow time is usually great and adds up some grams to your weight.

If you want to hit an exercise that won’t cause you too much energy and money to release stress and toxins from the body, all you need is the mythical spell of Bikram yoga exercise.


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