A World Tour of Body Modification: Body Piercing Training

Our body is the temple of our life which we need to take care of and make it healthy and looking beautiful. It’s not only by what we take into our body and the products that we apply on to it which makes it beautiful. We can don our body with art through decoration, ornamentation and by reshaping it. It is called aesthetics and we create a certain status or identity in the society.

Most forms of body art come in painting or dyeing, tattooing, branding, scarification and the most popular body piercing with jewelries. This trend became viral especially among the youth. Its peak of popularity didn’t begin at the beginning of 18th century but was already widespread more than 5,000 years ago, across the globe.



If you are that type who’s keen into this human body art and wants to become a veteran on this line of interest, find out how to become one!

  1. Find A Guru. It boils down back to the basics. You need an apprenticeship program at a local shop with reputable artists who already have the credible track of working experience and are willing to teach you. You mustn’t do this activity pronto. You might injure someone or yourself. You also need at least 6 months of completing your apprenticeship in order to learn things you need to know. This is not some underrated practice you don’t have serious business with.
  2. Attend A Class. You need to know anything about pathology and with this subject, you must attend a blood born pathogen class. This will teach you proper sterilization and disinfection techniques, and the perfect way to avoid cross contamination. You don’t want to be arrested if you poison one, do you? Also, you need to troubleshoot any problems that may arise like an irritated or infected piercing and so you can tell the normal healing process.
  3. Bag The Jewels. By attending an apprenticeship program, you get to know about jewelry. The more you know about it, the better you become at priecings.
  4. Get A Proof. You need a certificate that will serve as your solid foundation in venturing into this practice. This will be your license and it looks different from any state to state. You may submit your permit through the health department and join the Association of Profession Piercers. This legitimizes what you do and gives you better reputation  just as doctors as a respectable piercer.

If you think hard about, body piercing is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a process for you to attain that certain stature in the society especially in the world of art. You can make this is profitable as you can while gaining more return customers if you know how to carefully handle each of them. If you want to sport that trendy body piercing, you must have training!


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