The Halo-Halo In Town

Halo-Halo is Love

When our summer days drag on a little longer, when the temperature rises a little higher, and when our sweat trickles down the skin a little gummier, a halo-halo delicacy is the best summer treat to enchant us this season.

Halo-Halo is Love

Halo-halo is love for the true-blooded Pinoys this season especially those who had memories of happy, icy and halo-halo delights! It will be a retreat “halo” from the “devious” heat associated with summer. As we all realized, summer is that fleeting season when all trends cold and chilly emerge and we are just definitely left out in the blue to delineate a choice from the many popsy and icy sweets introduced before us.

Halo-halo is one of those desserts when tasted, everything becomes utterly surreal. It is surreal when our sense of taste is enlivened and died at the moment when we’re able to empty that bowlful of halo-halo. It is when at our first gulp, the world becomes a little bit more magical over mythical.

The magic behind a halo-halo treat transcends beyond not only by creating and eating it. It is an oasis in our long summer days when it gives us relief from the searing summer heat. It is one of the most amazing concoctions among Asians especially us, Pinoys, since the ‘80s when a halo-halo craze started to sweep the country.

Not only that halo-halo helps release the gathering heat in our body, it is also comprised of a variety of flavour that goes with the mix of colour, reminiscent of fiesta perks, from the ingredients incorporated.

Examples are the beans in the form of black munggo, sweet garbanzos, gelatines like kaongnata de coco (coconut gelatin), macapuno, and a variety of fruit mixes of langka (jackfruit), saba (banana-like plantain), ube (purple yam), mais (corn), pinipig (dried rice, pounded), sago (pearls similar to boba), and an induction of “east meets west” of the ice cream scooped on top of the glazed ice. To add more sweet in the already sweetened halo-halo, a pour of syrup and fresh condensada milk also invigorate this shaven dessert. Other expensive desserts such as “leche flan” also help define that magic in halo-halo.

In other words, everything can be incorporated to a halo-halo dessert where its name was also derived as a “mix” of all the mouth-watering ingredients available. It is magic “mix” muy sarap!


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